Dear Participants of the Conference "Towards the Future with John Paul II", We are happy to announce that the conference will be transmitted via You Tube free online access, simultaniously in three languages - Polish, English and Italian. Here are three language links for each day.


The idea of a Symposium to celebrate the 100th anniversary of John Paul II birth was born together with the conviction that his thoughts and life are prophetical and inspiring for present and future. It is very clear for the proponents that his thought and actions are not only past but light for the present and the future.

With the present pandemic situation, it became normal to have these kind of meetings as webinars.  This allows to have the world’s greatest experts in philosophy and theology that have studied the person and the thought of Karol Wojtyla/John Paul II together in an event that can be followed from all over the world.

It is clearly for us the importance of the thought of John Paul II and  that it is always actual, even if some aspects of it are being discovered only now. This is a sign of its prophetical dimension. We are aware of the importance to see the Church in Her continuity and for that we consider that the most important way to highlight this is to deepen significance of the ideas of Her saints. The genius of Saint John Paul II can be seen in all his thought but also in His action as Pastor of the Church and a leader in a very special time of Worlds History. For that reason, we have the desire to share with all people and spread it all over the world.

In the time of Coronavirus crisis, philosophical view on human person, examining the problem of the family and the society as well the deepen reflection on the life of faith are particularly burning. But every crisis is also time of evaluation of our situation and the challenge to give new answers or stressing different accents in our life. Surely now, it is also a great opportunity to present to the wide public the thought of John Paul II, which hopefully will give another light of enthusiasm and start new initiatives, thanks to the current technologies.


For these reasons the Symposium is addressed to everyone. From high academic level to the simple lovers of the personality of John Paul II. The organizers truly believe that the more people would participate the better can it be spread; we are persuaded that this is also an opportunity to praise the Lord and to build bridges in the present time of the Church. That is also why it was decided to have it open to everyone who wants to participate – with no inscription fee – even if the inscription will be request with the scope to evaluate the impact and interest of this project.


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Structure of the Symposium

The proposal is a three days’ conferences, each day with three hours of meeting. The meeting will be international and online with speakers from different Continents. Each session will have four speeches. The first day regarding the anthropology, the second family and society and the third day the life of the Church and faith.

After the introduction made in each session by a different person strongly connected with the figure of John Paul II, there will be two presentations, then a testimony of someone who shared some time with him and was influenced by him, and then two other presentations. Eventually there will be the time for debate and possibility to make questions also from the participants from all over the world. To facilitate this sessions, each one will be guided by a moderator.


The idea and the preparation started in March 2020 by a group of people from Washington, Lisbon, Rome, Madrid, Krakow, Warsaw and St. Gallen. The main aim is to share their experience in discovering treasures of this saint and offer to others the possibility to reach their knowledge and spiritual experience. In this perspective it is preview that in each session other than the experts, there will be a special guest that have shared part of his/her life with Saint John Paul II to give a personal testimony.

During several online meetings, the preparation committee was able to define the desirable aims and create the draft of a program. The support of archbishop Marek Jędraszevskiw and of some experts we were able incentive our enthusiasm.

Organizing committee

J.E. Abp. Marek Jędraszewski, Arcybiskup Metropolita krakowski

Michał Drożdż, Wydział Nauk Społecznych UPJP II

Michał Gierycz, Wydział Społeczno-Ekonomiczny UKSW

Livio Melina, Fondazione Veritas Amoris Project

Duszpasterstwo Rodzin Patriarchatu Lizbony

Prof. Mgr Piotr Mazurkiewicz
Prof. Fr José Granados
Fr José Maria Cortes
Prof. Fr Pawel Gałuszka
Mgr Duarte da Cunha
Ms Urszula Miernik
Ms Barbara Kupiec

The place of coordination of the conference is The Bishop's Palace in Kraków